Zaporizhzhya National University - ZNU


Zaporizhzhya National University (ZNU) is one of the renowned classical Universities in Ukraine and a regional hub for high-quality research, technology transfer, and education. Its Department of Information Technologies (DIT) offers a PhD programme in Semantic Technologies and Intelligent Systems. Scientifically this programme is supported by the Intelligent Systems Research Group (ISRG) led by Prof. Ermolayev. ISRG has a strong track record in the engineering and management of dynamic and evolving ontologies (WP1,2), comprising ontology refinement and an account of quality issues (WP1). ISRG members have a good track record of cooperation with industrial companies at Ukrainian National and International levels.

Associate Professor Vadim Ermolayev will serve as the node coordinator for ZNU. Since 1990s he is a researcher in Information Systems, Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge and Ontology Engineering, Semantic Technologies. Since 2011 he focuses on researching bio-inspired and evolutionary mechanisms for knowledge extraction and refinement to be applied in Big Data analytics and management. As a research consultant he collaborated with several companies in manufacturing, microelectronics, banking, automotive. Vadim is one of the scientific founding partners of MinRes Technologies, GmbH. He has participated in various EU projects, including AgentLink II and III, OntoWeb, UnIT-Net, and ACTIVE. He is also the author of several relevant tutorials given at ER and WIMS conferences. Vadim is a member of the steering committee and a PC chair of ICTERI conference series.

In SemData, ZNU will participate in WP1 and WP2 bringing their expertise and capability in managing dynamically changing data and knowledge and quality issues of semantic representations in dynamics. It will also contribute to WP4 on dissemination.