Wright State University - WSU

United States

Wright State University is a public university established in 1967 and is recognized as one of the few outstanding locations in the U.S. for students with physical disabilities. It was ranked 4th by Microsoft Academic Search in the broader area “World Wide Web” among North American universities. Its Kno.e.sis Center on Knowledge-enabled Computing is one of the most prominent places in the United States for research on Semantic Data Management and Semantic Web. The Kno.e.sis Center excels in both foundational and application-oriented research on Semantic Data Management. Kno.e.sis also has extensive industry collaborations with the very best Web/Internet/Technology companies. The Center is well funded by competitive grants from major federal, state, and industry sources.

Professor Pascal Hitzler is the node coordinator for WSU. His research record lists over 250 publications in such diverse areas as semantic web, neural-symbolic integration, knowledge representation and reasoning, machine learning, and denotational semantics. He is Editor-in-chief of the Semantic Web journal by IOS Press, and of the IOS Press book series Studies on the Semantic Web. He is co-author of the W3C Recommendation OWL 2 Primer, and of the award-winning textbook Foundations of Semantic Web Technologies by CRC Press,  which was named as one out of seven Outstanding Academic Titles 2010 in Information and Computer Science by the American Library Association's Choice Magazine, and is currently being translated into Chinese. He is the coordinator for WSU’s participation in the PlanetData Network of Excellence funded by the European Union.

Within SemData, WSU will in particular focus on contributing to WP1 (quality and provenance), WP2 (stream management and reasoning) and WP3 (large-scale reasoning with semantic data), where it has a significant track record of impact research. It will lead WP4 on dissemination, based on its vast experience in international research collaboration and exploitation of semantic technologies in collaboration with industry.