University of Creete - UOC


The University of Crete is the leading multi-disciplinary, research University of Greece. Its Department of Computer Science was the first Computer Science Department in Greece, and is one of the top Computer Science higher education institutions in Greece. It has a close collaboration with the Institute of Computer Science (ICS) of the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH).

CSD is currently playing a hub role in world-wide scientific collaboration networks by hosting two international graduate programs: a bi-national one ( with the French Universities Paris-XI at Orsay-Ville and Joseph Fourier at Grenoble and an ERASMUS-MUNDUS Master in Service Engineering (IMSE with University of Tilburg (Netherlands) and  the University of Stuttgart (Germany). In the recent past, CSD also participated in two EU-Canada joint curricula development programmes.

Members of the SemData group at CSD have an extensive experience in storage, indexing, query optimization, integration and provenance of semantic data manipulated by declarative query and update languages, as well as ontology evolution and matching. They participated recent EU projects in Digital Preservation, conducted in collaboration with FORTH-ICS (CASPAR, Aparsen, DIACHRON). SemData group members have also studied algorithms for assisting curators in detecting meaningful changes as well as for repairing and merging autonomous and distributed bases of semantic data. In this context, CSD will lead WP1 and contribute to WP4.