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RMIT has since the early 1960s been forging a reputation for research excellence in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT). Collaborating with industry partners and maintaining a strong research presence, the School of Computer Science and Information Technology is one of the country’s largest and most industry-focused schools. 

Timos Sellis is an expert in the area of Data Management and Query Processing and Optimization. In the last 5 years he has been the Director of the Institute on the Management of Information Systems (IMIS) in Greece ( where he led a team of several researchers, PhD students and engineers, and developed one of the strongest Institutes in Greece.  Prof. Sellis is a recipient of the prestigious Presidential Young Investigator (PYI) award (1990), and of the VLDB 1997 10 Year Paper Award for his work on spatial databases. He was the president of the National Council for Research and Technology of Greece (2001-2003) and a member of the VLDB Endowment (1996-2000). In November 2009, he was awarded the status of IEEE Fellow, for his contributions to database query optimization, and spatial data management. He has led a number of national and European research projects, including an RTN project, Chorochronos (1996-2000) and a Marie Curie ITN project, GEOCROWD (2011-now), while recently he got about 1€ million to support his research on Linked Data.

Within SemData, RMIT will mostly participate in WP2 addressing issues related to fast changing large data spaces, such as the ones arising in sensor stream and social network data.  RMIT will also be involved in WP3 on scalability, bringing in its expertise in query processing over big data, and WP1 on preservation.  In addition, it will in WP4 on dissemination.