University of Huddersfield - HUD

United Kingdom

The University of Huddersfield provides higher education to some 23,000 students, including over 3,000 full-time and part-time postgraduate students. Its School of Computing and Engineering has circa 130  research students, 65 full time academics, and over 3 million Euros of external research funding, including over 2 million Euros of Framework 7 and ERC Advanced Grant funding in ICT and Engineering. It has also significant expertise in high performance computing.

Professor Grigoris Antoniou will be the node coordinator for Huddersfield. He is an expert in the area of knowledge representation, semantic web and linked data and author of the highly influential textbook “A Semantic Web Primer”, published by the MIT Press.  He is an ECCAI Fellow since 2006. Since 2011 he is working on high-performance reasoning over big data, through mass parallelization. He has extensive track record of leading or participating in national and international research project. Among others, he was Activity Leader for research in the PlanetData Network of Excellence on semantic data management, and participates in the PRELIDA Coordination Action concerned with the preservation of linked data. He has been PC and Conference Chair in a number of related conferences, and was co-organiser of the 2012 Dagstuhl Seminar on semantic data management, a follow-up of which is this proposal.

Within SemData, HUD will bring into WP1 its expertise on evolving semantic datasets. It will also work heavily in WP4, bringing in its expertise on parallel processing of huge amounts of incomplete and inconsistent semantic datasets. Finally it will also contribute to WP5.